Lark is a party game for venturesome people. Created by good-time seekers like you, Lark brings laughter, connection, and variety by inspiring risk, revelation, creativity, and mischief. Challenge your friends and let the 12-sided die determine thier fate. Wild time likely, memories guaranteed.

We're here for abundance through play.

  • Possibility

    Through play we create and explore possibilities that we cannot when we're living in routine and fear.

  • Meaningful Connection

    Lark frames and supports play in a way that brings people closer, not just together and it affirms those playing.

  • Replayable

    Lark is never the same twice giving you a lifetime of variability.

  • Laughter & Memories

    "I basically cry every time I play. 10/10 would recommend." - Nicolette

  • Creative

    Lark gets better the more you make it your own and customize it to match the moment you're sharing and where you're sharing it.

Here's What People are Saying

"I never thought I’d be be describing a card game as beautiful, but Lark is in fact that game- simply beautiful, from the design, to the wonderfully curated prompts, to how you feel after playing it with friends." - David P

"Ridiculously creative, never the same twice. My friends love this game. Like a lot." - Lloyd V

"In two words;  heartfelt, goofy." - Ella K

"Concept is super easy and I basically cry from laughing every time I play.  10/10 would recommend." - Nicolette

"I've played it in 20 minutes with friends before dinner where we draw a few quick cards to laugh and connect, in hours-long sessions where we make our way through all the cards in the deck, and in lengths and settings in between... Lark is a joyful experience!" - Olivia L

"Truthfully, it's one of the most fascinating games I've ever played." - Bela C

"There are a lot of mean-spirited party games out there; this is not one of them. Always good-natured, it elicits thoughtfulness, creativity, and hilarity in turn, depending on the card, the whims of the dodecahedron, and the mood of the crowd. Never the same, never boring. Beautiful design, beautiful content. Highly recommended." - Dan R

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