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Lark with Expansion Packs

Lark with Expansion Packs

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Lark is party game of connection and mischief for venturesome people like you. 

“For real, don’t get this game if laughing to the brink of death is not your thing. I love that this game can be anything & is amazingly different every time! I feel more connected to people when I play it & I feel GOOD.” - Amoryn 

With Lark you will:

🙅‍♀️ Avoid small talk with compelling and exploratory questions about the parts of ourselves we rarely get to share;

🙌 Connect with each other in meaningful ways with Lark’s ambiguous prompts designed to help you tap into the “anything-is-possible” feeling of shared moments;

💃 Prompt your friends to feats of great daring, mischief, and sometimes inanity;

😂 Laugh until you cry as you revel in your friends’ stories, creativity, and antics!

Pick a prompt from the card in your hand, pick a friend or two (or everyone!) that you want to see or hear perform that prompt. Set the odds of the prompt happening using the 12-sided die, get consent, and then roll to let fate intervene. Then delight as you and your friends revel in the anything-is-possible joy of the moment you're sharing together. 

Lark plays on your strengths and creativity for shared moments full of thrills, laughter, antics, and real talk that will have you and your friends feeling closer and richer (in memories and delight). 

Like you, Lark is just as at home at the brewery and in your living room as it is in the backcountry and on the rivers and roads in between. It's designed to be portable and low impact so you can bring it wherever you like to share moments together. Lark is a game for those of us who want more of our unique spiritedness in our party games and more connection in our gatherings.

Order yours today with FREE SHIPPING.

AND both expansion packs fit inside the core game box. We designed it that way just for you.



Friends take turns posing prompts (from the cards or those they make up) and then use the die to assign either the odds of it happening or which player will be chosen to perform the prompt.

Lark plays on your strengths and creativity for a get together full of thrills, laughter, antics, and real talk that will bring you and your friends closer. 

You and your friends will be laughing, marveling, daring, and laugh-crying as you perform challenges that range from inane to downright daring and share stories and ideas that range from silly to deeply vulnerable based on the card prompts and your creativity.

Don't take it from us though, here's a quote from a stranger: "Simply beautiful, from the design, to the wonderfully curated prompts, to how you feel after playing it with friends." 

Like you, Lark is just as at home at the brewery and in your living room as it is in the backcountry and on the rivers and roads in between. It's designed to be portable and low impact so you can bring it wherever you like to share moments together.


-Expansion Packs-

The Happy Hour Expansion Pack gives you 64 more prompts and 5 more Wild Cards that will elevate your next social night of drinks and carousing!

The 002 Expansion Pack gives you 58 more prompts, 5 blank Prompt Cards to capture your creative genius, and 3 more Wild Cards for any, and, dare we say every occasion. 

And, rest assured, the expansion packs fits perfectly inside the box once you've opened it so you won't have to rubber band the deck together and hope you don't misplace it. You can if you want though. 


-Buy with Confidence-

Order yours today and if you're not satisfied return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Players: 2+  |  Ages: 17+  |  Time: 10 minutes+  |  Time to Learn: 5-10 minutes

Lark Is Not Like Other Party Games

❌ Other party games draw their thrill from pitting players against each other and from snark, cynicism, and vulgarity.

✅ Lark connects us to the moment and to each other with a fundamental commitment to affirmation, abundance, and fun!

❌ Other party games have many complicated rules and a defined start and end which feel like a double commitment.

✅ Lark allows you to pick it up or walk away at any point & playing it is straightforward & easy!

❌ Other party games are competitive and force a particular playing style.

✅ Lark is versatile, collaborative, and affirming. It adapts to where and with whom you're playing allowing you to play how you want to play and leaves you feeling good.


"Simply beautiful, from the design to the wonderfully curated prompts, to how you feel after playing it with friends." - David

"This is such a great game for anyone looking to add some laughs or conversation to any social situation. It's perfect for adding some shenanigans to everyday life." - Sam

"Ridiculously creative, never the same twice." - Lloyd

"In two words; heartfelt, goofy" - Ella

"Truthfully, it's one of the most fascinating games I've ever played." - Bela

"There are a lot of mean-spirited party games out there; this is not one of them. Always good-natured, it elicits thoughtfulness, creativity, and hilarity in turn, depending on the card, the whims of the dodecahedron, and the mood of the crowd. Never the same, never boring. Beautiful design, beautiful content. Highly recommended." - Dan


- Two prompts per card to make the game more portable and less wasteful

- Three different types of prompts are color coded so you can add depth and variability based on your get-together. 

- Yellow: silly & action- oriented

- Red: sincere & exploratory

- Blue: ambiguous, requires the card holder to add their own spin to the prompt

- __(parenthetical prompts)__ give you the opportunity to depart from the given prompts and lean into your own creative genius and the moment at hand. They also create long-lasting variability so the game is never the same. 

- Wild Cards add an element of chaos and distribute power to players who do not have the die.

- Two 12-sided die in case you lose or make a gift of one.

Game Contents

Lark Game Contents

- 75 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card (more portable, less wasteful!).

- 9 Tenet Cards to help set the tone and edify you as a creative, generous, genius!

- 15 Wild Cards that change play in wonderful, chaotic ways.

- 2, 12-sided die (in case you lose or make a gift of one).

- 1 Guidebook full of all the wisdom you'll need out there.

Happy Hour Expansion Contents

- 32 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card (more portable, less wasteful!).

- 5 Wild Cards that change play in wonderful, chaotic ways.

002 Expansion Contents

- 34 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card (more portable, less wasteful!). Includes 5 blank prompt cards to capture your own creative genius.

- 3 Wild Cards that change play in wonderful, chaotic ways.

Our Gurantee

Thrills, laughter, antics, and real talk guaranteed!

We think you'll be 100% satisfied with Lark and we want you to buy with confidence. If you don't find laughter, real talk, thrill, and antics within 60 days of purchase we'll refund your purchase no questions asked.

We'll get you a refund and arrange a return or ask you to pass Lark along to someone who you think might like it. Thanks!


Orders over $20 ship free in the U.S.  Otherwise select your preferred service in the cart panel for an immediate estimate. 

Sharing Our Success

We're grateful for the opportunity to be doing this work with you. We recognize that everything is connected and that our success comes at a cost. We do everything we can to use fewer resources, sustainably sourced materials that are recyclable, and we give back to offset our use. We're currently committed to sharing our success and giving back through 1% For the Planet and through our own initiative, 1% For the People. 1% For the People aspires to share our success by supporting social and humane endeavors that celebrate people and justice. 

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How To Play

Challenge your friends to get out of their comfort zones in fun and affirming ways using the card prompts and a 12-sided die.

Example Gameplay

The Dealer (the person holding the die) says, "James if I roll a 6 or 8 and Tater if I roll a 7 or 10 you have to do your best impression of me."  Dealer gets consent from James and Tater so she rolls the die. It lands on a 7 so Tater performs his best impression of her. She can now discard and draw a new card and Tater becomes the Dealer. And so on.

  • Yellow Cat Prompt Card

  • Red Cat Prompt Card

  • Blue Cat Prompt Card

  • Wild Card

  • Consent Tenet Card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Garrett VanRoekel
Thoughtfully Engaging

Too many of the games I’ve played with friends are rooted in negativity. My partner and I bought this game because we knew this was going to be uplifting and still extremely fun. It does not disappoint!! What a pleasure to play with a loved one!

Caroline Berg

I love Lark because you can bring it anywhere and play it whenever you want to spice up a social gathering and have unexpected adventures. It's a versatile, creative, playful game that anyone can make their own!

morgan Schulte
A good time

The game goes wherever the mood allows. If you want to be goofy and active, you can do that! If you want to be relaxed and hold deep conversations, that's also in the cards.

Truly an excellent game

Lark was such a pleasure to play! The game is easy to learn and the gameplay is flexible so you can choose how goofy it gets, how many players there are and how long the game lasts. I treasure the memories I made with my friends playing Lark and look forward to bringing it out at future gatherings! Five stars, 10/10, two thumbs up! Lark is the best!

Gwyn Buchanan
I <3 Lark

This game is great! Super flexible with just enough structure, but lots of room to get creative and goofy if that's what you want to do! Great for large or small groups, or for groups whose size might fluctuate over the course of the game! Lark ROXXXX!! :)

Create memories!

Some of my favorite stories with friends have been made from us playing this game! And there is so much flexibility in it that it works for all occasions! You can be goofy and wild and also quiet and reflective. Amazing! Highly recommend

Allison Sheehan
A game for any occasion

I love Lark! It’s so great. You could play it with 4 friends to a whole crowd of people! We played it at a wedding once and people played until they were done and then more people would join as others left.

It’s a good game to get people laughing, sharing stories and connecting with each other! You won’t be let down with this game!

Love the creativity!

I'm not usually a games person, but Lark definitely made it onto my (very short) list of games I like & am willing to play.

10/10 Would Recommend

This game is basically like truth or dare plus odds and minus having to make up the truths/dares. The rules are simple, players can join or leave the game at any time without messing anything up, and you never have to agree to do anything you don't actually want to which makes this the perfect game to whip out at the brewery or game night. Best part is that you don't have to try and get everyone's attention to go over complex rules that no one will remember. Just get the cards and dice out and start rollin. Concept is super easy and I basically cry from laughing every time I play. 10/10 would recommend.

Never the same game twice

Never the same game twice. There are loads of different game cards with everything from the absurd to the thoughtful provoking. It's a game that helps a person come out of their shell, and always jump starts a wild night of hijinks. If you play this game, silly things will occur. Always a blast, and a great way to spend an evening.