1. Players all read and agree to the gold Tenet cards

Pick someone to read each tenet, that sounds like fun! Find them on the gold-backed cards or listed here.

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Consent is a gift that each of us can give and rescind. We are the sole owners of our consent. It is important to protect each others’ trust and safety by ensuring consent. The Public (see “Players & Roles,” p 4) have not consented to play this game: therefore do not make a play that puts The Public in their challenge zone. Players’ consent is given prior to every roll. There is no assumed consent.

Comfort Zones

Much of this game’s delight arises from our willingness to step out from our comfort zones and into our challenge zones. Outside the challenge zone is a panic zone that is neither fun or growth inspiring nor safe. This game is intended to be joyful and self-affirming, not low or mean.


Creativity is a process of connecting things, seeing things in new ways, and realizing that nothing you create is wrong. Soften your focus, see your environment with new eyes. What’s going on? What is the space like? What objects, tensions, or joys are present or not present? How can you combine things in novel ways? What is truly unexpected? Entertaining? Daring? Empowering? Impressive? Affirming? Take 60 seconds to notice 10 things you haven’t noticed before or pick one item and ask yourself 10 questions about it. Open yourself to what could be; you write the future.


Challenge and affirmation are two sides of the same coin. Affirmation is such a deeply satisfying human experience. Just as you go into the game of Lark with a willingness to play, be silly, and vulnerable, go too with plentiful affirmation, for others and for yourself. When another Player does something brave or silly or takes a big risk that totally pays off, be sure to hold that person in positive affirmation for an extra moment. When it’s your turn, drink fully from the cup.

Giving Good Compliments

Compliments can be difficult, but giving them is a skill well worth developing. Good compliments ignore what is superficial and pay particular attention to what gifts or traits or inspirations a person brings to the world. Think back on compliments that have stuck with you. What makes them so memorable? Give the gift of a good compliment: Be sincere, be frank, say what it is about the person that you value.


Like a ghost in the darkness, confidence is so seldom seen, least of all in ourselves. Now’s your chance to practice – fake it ‘till you make it, baby! More confidence from you means less cringing and more fun for everyone.


Yourself, each other, the Earth.

2. Players all draw 5 blue-backed prompt cards.

We recommend at least 4, but not more than 7

3. Select a Dealer to start.

Use the die to decide! (see "Use the die to make decisions" in the Guidebook)

4. Dealer picks the Player(s), prompt, and odds, saying "__(player name(s))__ if I roll __(die number(s))__ then you __(card prompt)__."

As the Dealer, you can choose one person or every person and you can choose just one number on the die or every number on the die. You can also create your own prompts, disregarding those in your hand.  Use your imagination!

5. Player(s) agree or do not agree (consent is paramount).

If the Players do not consent, the Dealer can reinvent the prompt or odds until they find a consenting Player. No coercion allowed!

6. The die is cast.

Once the die is cast, NOBODY is allowed to touch it. Let it fall where it will.

7. If the die lands on the proposed number, the proposed prompt is carried out by the proposed player. If not, the die is given to that player and they are now the Dealer.

If more than one Player consented to the proposed prompt, use the die to determine who gets it next.

8. Dealer can then discard and draw a new card or hold onto it until the second prompt on that card is played.

9. Wild cards can be played whenever, according to what is written on them.

10. Once you've mastered the gameplay and you're feeling more venturesome, play a few rounds with just the Blue Cat prompt cards or play with no prompt cards to lean into your own creative genius and the particular moment you're sharing with other players.

-An Example-

6 people are playing and the Dealer says, "hey I want everyone involved in this one." She then assigns everyone 2 numbers (including herself) and says, "If I roll your number then you 'tell us about a time you did not do the right thing.'"   Dealer looks around and gets consent from everyone so she rolls the die. It lands on a 3 so whoever was assigned 3 tells their story and becomes the next Dealer. And on it goes.

-Another Example-

The Dealer says, "James if I roll a 6 or 8 and Tater if I roll a 7 or 10 you have to do your best impression of me."  Dealer gets consent from James and Tater so she rolls the die. It lands on a 7 so Tater performs his best impression of her. She can now discard (or keep it if she likes the second prompt on the card) and draw a new card and Tater becomes the Dealer. And so on.

-A Tip on Using the Die-

1) Use the die to determine who does the challenge by assigning every number on the die, giving each player one or more (as in the example above).


2) Use it to set the odds of the action proceeding by only assigning a number or two to just one or two people.


3) First pick a Player and prompt then allow that Player to name their own odds. For example: "John, what are the odds you'll run a blindfolded lap?" John says "3 numbers" so the Dealer says "Ok, if I roll a 1, 3, or 11"

-Some Tips From Fellow Players-

"I love how the categorization is separated--depending on our friend group that we're with, sometimes we start with the deeper questions category out & get them comfortable with the silly bits and then add it in a few rounds into the game. Just a fun fact from us. :)"

"You could play it with 4 friends to a whole crowd of people! We played it at a wedding once and people played until they were done and then more people would join as others left."

"I've played it in 20 minutes with friends before dinner where we draw a few quick cards to laugh and connect, in hours-long sessions where we make our way through all the cards in the deck, and in lengths and settings in between."