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Why Lark?

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Never the same twice

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Play creates possibility
and softens the unhappy
boundaries we put up through routine and fear

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Gets better the more you make it your own and animates your own creative genius

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Affirms the sincerity, vulnerability, and joy brought by those who are playing

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Laughter & Memories

Lasting joy and memories for you and all your friends

"Ridiculously creative, never the same twice. My friends love this game. Like a lot. We only wish we were in a cooler place than my living room to play.”

- Lloyd V

"People were having fun."

- Ben V

"In two words; 
heartfelt, goofy."

- Ella K

“Lark is a game of mischief, chaos, and 
boundary-breaking. You can play it in
the foreground or background of any 
situation: I've played it in a 
convention center, in a woodsy cabin, 
and on the dance floor of my wedding.
I really recommend you check it out.” 

- John E

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- A Party Game For Venturesome People -


the Game


75 Prompt Cards

2 prompts per card, 150 prompts total (more portable, less wasteful!)

9 Tenet Cards

Set the tone and edify you as a creative, generous, genius!

15 Wild Cards

Distribute the power and catalyze a little chaos.

2 Twelve-Sided Die

In case you lose or make a gift of one.

Happy Hour

Expansion Pack


32 Prompt Cards 

2 prompts per card, 64 prompts total (more portable, less wasteful!)

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5 Wild Cards

Distribute the power and catalyze a little chaos.

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“Calling all my friends who love games andalso my friends who don’t love games (like me lol) but love being weird and having good conversations and getting to know your friends better —
you will love this game Lark!"

- Gwen J

"If you enjoy having fun, I encourage 
you to check out this game. 
I've played in basements, bars, 
and ballrooms, it never fails to entertain.”

- John R

“This is such a great game for anyone looking to add some laughs or conversation to any social
situation. It’s perfect for adding some 
shenanigans to everyday life." 

- Sam P

"It is a very fun game!!!!" 

- Sophie N

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You win by playing.
End the game when it suits you
or play forever.

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Lark vs Others

Here's how Lark compares to other popular party games

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