Lark A game of challenge & chance is a party game for venturesome people. Reject Routine and find abundance through play

Lark + Happy Hour Expansion Pack

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Lark, A Game of Challenge & Chance® is a party game for venturesome people like you! And the Happy Hour Expansion Pack is just the addition you'll wish you had next time you're out carousing. Get yours now!


"Ridiculously creative, never the same twice. My friends love this game. Like a lot. We only wish we were in a cooler place than my living room to play.” - Lloyd V


“Lark is a game of mischief, chaos, and boundary-breaking. You can play it in
the foreground or background of any situation: I've played it in a convention center, in a woodsy cabin, and on the dance floor of my wedding. I really recommend you check it out.”  - John E



Lark Game Contents

  • 75 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card, 150 prompts total (more portable, less wasteful!)
  • 9 Tenet Cards to help set the tone and edify you as a creative, generous, genius!
  • 15 Wild Cards that disrupt play in wonderful, chaotic ways
  • 2, 12-sided die (in case you lose or make a gift of one)
  • 1 Guidebook full of all the wisdom you'll need out there

Happy Hour Expansion Pack Contents

  • 32 more Prompt Cards with 2 prompts per card, 64 prompts total 
  • 5 more Wild Cards



“This is such a great game for anyone looking to add some laughs or conversation to any social situation. It’s perfect for adding some shenanigans to everyday life."  - Sam P