Lark A game of challenge & chance party game for venturesome people. Reject routine, abundance through play. Gift.



Lark, A Game of Challenge & Chance® is a party game for venturesome people like you! 


"Ridiculously creative, never the same twice. My friends love this game. Like a lot. We only wish we were in a cooler place than my living room to play.” - Lloyd V


“Lark is a game of mischief, chaos, and boundary-breaking. You can play it in
the foreground or background of any situation: I've played it in a convention center, in a woodsy cabin, and on the dance floor of my wedding. I really recommend you check it out.”  - John E



Lark Game Contents

  • 75 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card (more portable, less wasteful!)
  • 9 Tenet Cards to help set the tone and edify you as a creative, generous, genius!
  • 15 Wild Cards that disrupt play in wonderful, chaotic ways
  • 2, 12-sided die (in case you lose or make a gift of one)
  • 1 Guidebook full of all the wisdom you'll need out there

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"In two words; heartfelt, goofy." - Ella K


"It is a very fun game!!!!"  - Sophie N