Lark is about celebrating friends, finding joy, and being creative. 

Over the course of several years Lark grew from an impromptu dice game at a Minneapolis distillery into a bona fide, Kickstarter backed, joy-(and sometimes growth and fun inspiring discomfort)-for-all-who-encounter-it, party game for venturesome people. It took on many forms before becoming what it is today and there are an impossible number of inspirations and people to thank.


Our hope is that Lark might be an inspiration for a life or a moment of joy and connectedness, creativity, curiosity, and empathy.

Sharing Our Success and Recognizing Our Costs of Doing Business

We're grateful for the opportunity to be doing this work with you. We recognize that everything is connected and that our success comes at a cost. We do everything we can to use fewer resources, sustainably sourced materials that are recyclable, and and we give back to offset our use. We're currently commited to sharing our success and giving back through 1% For the Planet and through our own initiative, 1% For the People. 1% For the People aspires to share our success by supporting social and humane endeavors that celebrate people and justice. 

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Lark is inspired and shaped by many. Here are a few of those good, venturesome people.